IslamCrunch: An Expression of Moderate Islamic Learning and Activism

One of the most effective uses of the internet, is the ability to promote a movement with upright intentions.  IslamCrunch is an excellent example of a web-property that targets a deep and narrow niche and applies effective communication tools to build a loyal and vibrant traffic base.  It’s one of the most effective projects utilizing web tools to push a religious point of view online today. The brainchild of Mikael Pittam and his wife Su, IslamCrunch is a web property that provides information on Islamic learning and grassroots activism.

Setting a precedent by utilizing the Internet as means to communicate Islamic teachings and promote grass roots activism. Rather than taking the “broad” route, IslamCrunch dives deep into two specific channels: learning and activism. It not only builds a traffic base by providing targeted and rich content on these two subjects, but it also effectively utilizes social tools like Twitter and Facebook to build and engage a community directly and aggregate viral created traffic.

Strictly Western Islam. Probably the highest valued asset of IslamCrunch is its Western approach to Islam – both in the structure of the property itself and the content it provides. It’s a positive force emphasizing teachings over politics or critiques on social issues.  IslamCrunch uses the same tools and technology that are otherwise highly regulated and censored in countries with a conservative Islamic tradition. By doing so, it communicates a view point of Islam that promotes peace, virtue and giving; a process that could only be made possible in a Western country.  In spite of highly polarizing events in the MiddleEast, Pittam posted an excellent audio and video series by 3 Muslim scholars discussing how to cure extremism. No doubt an excellent expression of peace and a deep insight for Muslims and non Muslim alike.

Positioned to effectively capitalize on targeted traffic. A property like this has the potential to build a massive community of highly targeted and active users. Generating targeted traffic with the sole intention of providing high value content is by far the best way to generate consistent and loyal traffic. Leveraging this loyal traffic base through new projects, IslamCrunch can generate several revenue streams as well as provide meaningful services to his users.  Some of IslamCrunch’s possible next moves:
- Social network targeted specifically to Muslim youth.
- Micro-blogging network.
- Localized portal for Islamic activism in US and Canadian cities.
- Reaching outside of Islamic community via interviews and guest posts.

In addition to being a influential source of moderate Islam, IslamCrunch has the potential of becoming a powerful media based business and online cornerstone to the Western based Islamic community. For non Muslims – it’s an excellent read and insight into a hugely unexplored demographic in the West.